Therapy Cartoons

Note to all shrinks... I just stumbled on Therapy Tales - a cartoonists take on therapy. Aside from savaging CBT it's a fun site. My fave is #235 Steampunk therapy. Enjoy!

On another similar therapeutic and artistic note, my friend and all around awesome human being, Taylor of Messy Humanity, made a sweet animated meditation for those of us who are visually inclined.



I love the animated meditation! The cartoon and audio are such a lovely use of technology and add so much to the idea of slowing down- thanks for sharing that!

Not a shrink, but still think this is hilarious.

Thanks for the linkage! I like to think that I satirise (not savage), which of course is the job of a cartoonist.
Though now I feel that you've set me a challenge.. :)


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Sweet site WG! Perhaps I was a bit dramatic... but only for the sake of peaking reader interest. I mean well :)

By the way, I'm sure CBT therapists can take whatever it is you dish out... they have a system for coping. Go for it!