Tone Def Candy Band: An Art and Social Therapy Project

Hello to my 3 or 4 readers -- I'm back!

You may remember that we toyed with some ideas about therapy and social mash-ups in Group Therapy: Lessons from the Guinea Pig Club. In the spirit of those investigations I've come up with a fun marketing/anthropology/therapy/sociology/art experiment.

Think six degrees of separation meets real-world-3-D Candy Crush.

How to Play:

First World Problems

The phrase 'First World Problems' was a popular meme running through web in 2011, however, first world problems aren't always something to laugh about. Kate Pickett explains how Income inequality, trauma, status anxiety and stress effect the life expectancy of people living in the developed world.

Holiday Helpers for Healers

Holiday helpers

Happy Holidays; yes, they are upon us already!

What follows is a reminder for the healers among us to help cope with the specific issues that arise at this time of year for practitioners in care-giving professions. The Holidays can be an especially busy and stressful time for therapists. Providing long hours of intense, undivided attention can jangle even the most sturdy nerves.

Therapy Image Library: Coming Soon!

Reiki Hands on Ankles

What's New?

You may have noticed that we've slowed down our blog posting schedule; that's because we are working on a new project! At the end of the year you will see a new section header on whereapy called, "Free Downloads."


I'm sure you've noticed the serious shortage of quality images for therapy related services on the net. Short of paying $500 an hour for a photographer to do your bidding, the current stock image options leave much to be desired.

Therapy Cartoons

Note to all shrinks... I just stumbled on Therapy Tales - a cartoonists take on therapy. Aside from savaging CBT it's a fun site. My fave is #235 Steampunk therapy. Enjoy!

On another similar therapeutic and artistic note, my friend and all around awesome human being, Taylor of Messy Humanity, made a sweet animated meditation for those of us who are visually inclined.