From Flatulance to Abandonment (or Why You Should Specialize)

You’re probably wondering what someone’s farting problem has to do with abandonment issues. Honestly, not much… except that many practitioners claim they can provide therapy for that - and just about every other ailment under the sun.

What if someone told you that they could effectively help you lose weight, stop-smoking, annihilate acne, heal psoriasis, defeat dandruff, eliminate constipation plus treat:

How to Create a Happy Ending for Your Sessions

Remember the last vacation you had, the one way back when? Think about it a minute.

Now, are you remembering the entire vacation or an experience within the vacation, like checking out of the hotel, the trip to the airport, taking the flight, dealing with the baggage service? Hold that experience in your mind.

Psychologists have determined that what we remember last counts the most.

How to be Doctor Who

I adore Dr. Who. I know that makes me sound like a nerdy goober, but c’mon, who doesn’t love a Time Lord with a yummy British accent?

Dr. Who takes ordinary people like shopkeepers, waitresses and secretaries, and shows them new worlds. I like that he challenges them relentlessly to be brave, to do what's right, and to draw on their greater, most powerful self.