Psychotherapy & Massage Therapy: Better Together

The Cat's Pajamas

When you began working in your chosen profession, you developed a clear idea of what your clients would need from you when they came to see you.

Massage therapy? Work with the body to improve a client’s quality of life.

Psychotherapy? Work with the mind to do the same.

Keeping Your Therapy Practice Afloat When the Economy is Sinking

While it may feel like it, maybe you didn’t get $85,000 in debt for your PhD just to work for $19,000 a year.

Given the state of the economy, maintaining a viable therapy practice can feel daunting. I know we talk quite a bit on this blog about alternative currency, but the fact remains that most local co-op arrangements will take years to financially bear fruit. So what is a therapist to do?

Brainstorm. Plan. Test. Market.

Alternative Currencies: a Viable Alternative for Therapists?

In the USA today, there are roughly 46.3 million people living without health insurance, and of those who have it, not everyone has mental health and well being coverage.  This means that an enormous amount of Americans have to pay out of pocket for therapies of all sorts, which in many cases means these services are entirely out of reach.

How to Handle Gifts From Clients

As therapists we have the opportunity to help people make big changes in their lives, in both body and mind. Acting as a guide for someone at a difficult and vulnerable time can feel quite intense for both parties, and create a unique closeness that you generally don’t find in any other setting. When profound emotional and/or physical changes take place, it’s common to feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the person who has helped us, through whatever medium.

Therapy for Soldiers

If you’ve heard about the Walter Reed Veteran’s Hospital Scandal in Washington, you probably have a sense of the kind of care that veterans have access to when they return home from conflict areas. It appears that soldiers who have sustained physical injuries get fantastic care initially, but the more complicated stuff, like compensation, disability claims, reintegration and psychological help get lost in huge amounts of red tape.