The King's Speech: "Talk" Therapy In the Movies

I saw The King's Speech a few weeks ago. It's a touching, witty and well-told story about Prince Albert, who unexpectedly became King George VI after his older brother abdicated. The Prince had a serious stutter, which kept him from making the morale-boosting speeches that his country's citizens so desperately needed.

Aside from being a compelling story, it also features a compassionate therapist, Lionel Logue, helping the prince overcome his stutter.

How to Write a Powerful Therapist Profile

Today we're traveling back to the 1970's for some lessons in how to get your message across even when you're having a meltdown. Ok, it's better not to have a meltdown as a therapist, but these examples are great for dramatic effect.

The Absence of Therapy

Taking a break from marketing today, I've decided to post links to a documentary and a recent article which make me think -- what went wrong here? What could a therapist "do" here -- if anything? 

Both of these stories are a fascinating mix of alcoholism, money, ethics, and quasi-therapeutic situations.

Why You Shouldn't Discount Your Rates

Everybody loves a discount. I mean, why wouldn’t they - a deal’s a deal, right?

Hang on a minute, there.

Let’s say you sell cupcakes. Mighty fine cupcakes. You sell your mighty fine, scrumptious, yummy, ecstasy-in-a-paper-thingy cupcakes for $5.50. Each.

But today business is a little slow, and a wild and crazy idea hits you: You’ll put your cupcakes on sale for 99 cents.

So you put the sign in your shop window and before you can say ‘supercalafragalisticwhatchamacallit’, you’re swarmed with customers coming in for 99-cent delights.

I Like You Just The Way You Are: The Therapy of Mr. Rogers

Mr. Rogers is the first therapist I, and most kids of my generation, had. He was a great role model. He was genuine and he was very, very persuasive.

Quality programming isn't free -- someone has to pay. So, when PBS needed defending, Mr. Rogers saved the day and the station was awarded $20 million dollars