Phrenology Head Poster

Phrenology Head
  • Phrenology was a quack science that started in 1796, lasted about a hundred years and finally fizzled out in the early 20th century. It may not have had any basis in fact, but it did produce many beautiful and curious charts.
  • The Phrenology Chart is featured as part of the photographic composition. It is not shown in it's entirety - just as you see above - only much larger and crisper.

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"Quack" science or not; yes - the images on the charts show artistic beauty and creativity; also - THE WORDS! For us auditory types, seeing the different brain functions as words IN the the beauty of the charts; and being reminded that those "traits" are worth considering, still remains a helpful tool when pondering the best type of assistance to render to our clients. Nice Job Here!