Smell Better Than Your Friends: 5 Sweet Tips For Marketing Aromatherapy

Have you ever wanted to go up to someone splashing themselves with pure sweet orange essential oil at the WholeFoods and say, "Doh, you're doing it wrong! You're gonna get a rash!"

Yes? Well, you must have some aromatherapy training then.

As frustrating as it is for therapists, your customers could give a flying f*ck about essential oil education at first glance -- until something unpleasant and unexpected happens.

The questions is, how do you command attention when it seems everything on the shelves today screams, "Buy me! I"m natural!"

The Best Gift You Could Ever Give – and How to Offer It

My friend Jen spends so much time shopping for “the perfect gift” that she starts her Christmas shopping in August. Valentine’s Day? Yeah, she’s usually got that wrapped up before New Year's Day.

And that’s if she hasn't had much free time to hit the stores.

See, Jen doesn’t look for gifts that are practical or that her friends will use. She looks for gifts that will knock ‘em off their feet so they ooooh and ahhh and sometimes even exclaim, “Holy sh*t! This is awesome!”

Her husband Dave is a completely different story altogether.

Are Your Clients Too Embarrassed to Ask You This Question?

My friend Jaime was the photographer for the Whereapy shoot. As she was working she mentioned that she'd been getting bodywork for years and mentioned she needs and enjoys it… yet she feels something is missing. And what's missing is something she can't ask for.

How to Marry Your Business – and Love It!

So, in past few years I've discovered that one of the most popular blog subjects on the internet is weddings. (Two other highly popular subjects are pr0n and food. Of course.)

Many women, myself included spent a gazillion years planning for The Big Day. From childhood, we start dreaming up the perfect dress, the perfect music, the perfect evvvvrything. And the internet lets us scrounge every corner of cyberspace for perfect wedding inspiration.

Page after page after glorious, beautiful, lovely page.

Why People Feel Uncomfortable Paying You to Pay Attention

For all the woo-woo, feel-good, new-age stuff surrounding therapy, it’s still a business…and boy, do your clients know it.

They see the $100 bills they’re shelling out for your services. They think it's going into your pocket. They don't take into consideration the rent, insurance, credit card fees, and overhead that every business has.

And one day the thought might occur: "Hmm. My therapist seems to be doing pretty well for herself." As the client pulls out her wallet to make payment for this week's session, she makes a small (not so funny) joke: