Therapy Office Décor: Setting Up Your Office

Making clients feel comfortable in an ideal, homelike setting has been a goal of therapy décor since the early 1800s. Environmental cues assist in putting a client at ease. The advent of moral treatment and the original Kirkbride hospital designs brought forth the idea that a soothing, beautiful environment could facilitate healing; even the original mega-mental hospitals were still designed for individual patient rooms.

Create a Marketing Budget That Works (for Therapists)

This post is a little less sexy than our normal fare, but it’s good, solid, practical stuff. Today we will be helping you plan your advertising and marketing budget, so whip out that calculator. What follows will be the most useful to therapists who have been in business for at least 6 months or more; less so for folks just getting started.

Therapy Blunder: Basket Weaving

Basket Weaving, an innocuous activity of early occupational therapy is also the go-to trope for all things mental and pointless.

Why? Where did it all go wrong? Why so much hate for basket weaving? And what does this do for the therapy modalities associated with it?

How's Your 'Girly Job' Treating You?

Well, “what’s a ‘Girly Job,’” you might ask? Just take a minute to think about it. What professions are dominated by women and poorly paid? As a recent New York Times article suggests, these jobs involve caring for and nurturing people (social work, therapy, early childhood education, home and personal care, etc).

Why Art Therapy?

A guest post by Jennifer Davis Price.

When I completed my Art Therapy Counseling program, I spent a lot of time explaining that I was not an art teacher. Art therapy is a method of providing assistance to clients using the creative process.