Tone Def Candy Band: An Art and Social Therapy Project

Hello to my 3 or 4 readers -- I'm back!

You may remember that we toyed with some ideas about therapy and social mash-ups in Group Therapy: Lessons from the Guinea Pig Club. In the spirit of those investigations I've come up with a fun marketing/anthropology/therapy/sociology/art experiment.

Think six degrees of separation meets real-world-3-D Candy Crush.

How to Play:

Inside each candy is a bandaid in a darker skin tone by Urban Armour Bandages. They made the bandage; I wrapped it up in cute paper. (Sadly, it seems they are no longer being manufactured). I'd like to bring this good idea back to life and I'd like you to help me by playing.

1. Pass the candy to someone who knows someone, who knows someone, who knows someone… who can get a range of skin tone bandages made.

2. If you need to use the band-aid before you have an opportunity to pass it on - please do so.

The Goal:

Get the idea candy into the hands of a person or company who will dedicate to:
    - manufacturing a broad range skin tone colored band aids for at least a year, hopefully ongoing
    - at a price that is equal to the current default shade of so called "invisible" bandages - (the pad in the center is still a light putty color on the "invisible" band-aids).
    - properly distribute and advertise to areas that need to see that a product like this exists

Best Possible Outcome:

The most ideal outcome, in my dream world of course, would be for several companies to take up the challenge, then hire the best-est most daring advertising agencies to create smashing, funny, socially relevant yet provocative commercials featuring their version of the product to be aired during the NFL Super Bowl slot. Within a few years it would become the new normal to include a wide variety of skin tones in bandaid offerings.

(Hey, If you're gonna a dream… might as well dream big and if it works -- everyone wins!)

Want to play?

Let me know - On Halloween I'll be giving them out for free all around Center City Philadelphia -- see if you can find me; I'll be dressed as Robin Hood and traveling with a little Red Riding Hood. Not in town on Halloween? You can Email me if you're in Philly or NYC this November or send me your post addy and I'll send you a skin tone bandage candy by snail mail!

Each month, I hope to do more variations of the Tone Def Candy Band with a series of similar social equality theme. Wish me luck!

As always... I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comment section.