Vintage Label Blank

Blank Vintage Label

Another vintage label with the text removed. Try it as a decorative element on a gift certificate or as a lovely online banner ad to evoke a sense of the old world.


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May I suggest that this label, along with "Vintage Label Black Shield with Phoenix" would be an excellent "special touch" for using with clients of the "Mature" generation? As an Advocate, I assist several Older Adults, many (though not all) of whom truly appreciate reminders of the "Old World" - often a world before even their own time. Back when "manners mattered, people really KNEW one another, and there was a sense of community, cooperation, and connection". Try using these labels perhaps also on plain white or beige stationery - to bring some life; but not too much - to the paper. Try it on "samples" you distribute if you create tangible products - like personalized massage oils, for example - that you also sell, or use to market your services. New Age meets Old World = Love It!

Loving the yellow in this one - perfect for spring! I know it is still winter but I really am looking forward to spring!