Vintage Massage Therapy Tapotement

Vintage Massage Therapy Tapotement

This photo of seated massage is from a vintage French Medical Dictionary (dated 1919) Aside from the old clothing, this photograph demonstrates that the classic Swedish Massage movements were practiced very much the same as they are today. Pictured here: Tapotement (tapping or light hacking).


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This looks very interesting. I could do with a Swedish massage every now and then!

In the early part of the century, did they think of it as indecent or taboo? I just know that during that time frame women and men who weren't married barely touched. Just curious :-)

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Good question Brook :) Thanks for commenting.

While it is true that dress was formal and courting/dating was restrictive - Dr.s could do whatever was required (and I do mean anything required with no loss to their reputation - if you are brave/curious see here:!!!)

Anyway, taking the waters, visiting a spa or sanitorium was part and parcel of the medical scene of the day thus, massage in the context of physical therapy would have been considered a medical necessity and appropriate in that context.