Vintage Apothecary Label Blue Circle

Vintage Apothecary Label Blue Circle

Lovely old apothecary label scan, with navy blue ink, bowl of hygeia, and Spencerian script elements.

The first download is the original vintage label, the second file has had the text removed.


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These are SO elegant. Anything navy blue and script just gets an immediate classic elegance in my book! Hope you had a great weekend!

Hugs - Brandi

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Hey Brandi! I'm an apothecary label junkie - can't get enough of them! I bought a bunch of old German and French Pharmacy Boxes and I'm going to set up a fun photo shoot tomorrow if the light is decent.

Pretty label. I am fascinated by vintage labels--the use of scrolls and flourishes and tiny details seem to be missing from modern day models.

Thanks for sharing!

Leigh; I love them both - the blank ones are perfect, though, for a certain application on an APOAYS tangible "product". When you have a moment; haha - please private message me as to how to download/layout etc. - you know, the graphic arts part - the design in actual label form; and what size sheet labels on regular sized paper I can use to print them up. I'll be happy to spread the word about where I got them.....

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Sure - let me help you out :)