Types of therapy

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A Japanese form of therapy, Shiatsu is a type of finger pressure massage; akin to acupuncture/acupressure. The ultimate goal is to improve the the flow of qi (life energy).

Refers for the general state of the body. Somatic health practitioners use body movement awareness to achieve and maintain optimal health through integrated work with the mind, body, and spirit as one unit.

A treatment program designed to help patients regain and increase their ability to communicate through speech. Speech therapy includes training and repetitive exercises, as well as the use of assistive devices for some individuals, for easier to communication.

The Swedish style of massage is the most commonly offered and best-known massage form. Therapists apply a small amount oil or cream to your skin to make the various movements easier to perform and more comfortable for the clients. Movements includes “efflleurage” (smooth, gliding stroke) and kneading, friction, stretching and occasionally - tapping. During treatment the client removes all or most articles of clothing and lies beneath a sheet and warm blankets.