Types of therapy

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The health profession centered on the promotion of health, the prevention of disability, and the evaluation and rehabilitation of patients disabled by pain, disease, or injury with treatment by therapeutic physical means (such as exercises and/or hands-on manipulation), as opposed to medical or surgical measures.

Play therapy is a technique whereby the client’s (usually a child) natural means of expression, namely play, is used as a therapeutic method to assist him/her in coping with emotional stress or trauma.

Part of the larger field of Energy Therapy; Polarity is a natural health care system based on the universal principles of energy: attraction, repulsion, and neutrality.

Sometimes also called Freudian psychotherapy, psychoanalysis is based on the observation that individuals are often unaware of the factors that determine their emotions and behavior. Often a complicated and somewhat lengthy undertaking, the therapist will attempt to get the client to become “self-aware” through frequent talk sessions.

Psychodrama is a method of psychotherapy in which clients are encouraged to continue and complete their actions through dramatization, role-playing, and dramatic self-presentation. Both verbal and non-verbal communications are utilized.